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Triphound makes it easy to find and book exclusive European cruise packages. Quickly compare the best deals on international flights and hotels at a great discount for you and your companions to get to your European cruise that you got a deal on through Triphound! Read through our blog articles, you may find cruising travel tips that will save you time and money. Get special deals on all-inclusive cruises, and useful information on travel to Europe and Around the World on the cruiseliners of your choice!

Cruising Tips by the Pros. Read this after you compare prices on cruise deals.

Everything is wet – You are on a boat.. Protect your gear and digital equipment.
Bring containers for excursions – You can save a lot of money having your own drink container. Buy bulk at a local store.
Do you need a drink card – Do you? We don’t know! If you are going to cruise with the Triphound staff, you probably do!
Try to avoid Debit Cards – Deposits and security risks cause issues on trips. Use cash, a normal credit card, and traveler’s checks.
Use Your Safe – Keep valuables in your safe, try to book accommodations that include a safe.
Documents – Get hardcore plastic covers for all your legal documents and identification, you will need them protected well.
Research Excursions – This can be a problem. Cruise lines are always looking for new destinations and that means new places to do things. Be mindful of what you are going to do, how reputable the company is you are working with, and what safety precautions they have in place. Read the reviews of other visitors, sticks with well reviewed items or ones with more information when possible. Call ahead and get details if possible.