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Find cheap car rentals for the top vacation spots. Triphound can help you find vacation rental car deals in the US and Canada. If you are traveling throughout the United States then visit the link below to find out more about driving here.

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Triphound makes it easy to find and compare cheap car rentals for your vacation. Quickly compare the best deals on rent cars at a great discount for you and your rental companions. Read through our blog articles to find out more about specific locations, special deals and coupon offers on rentals. Find a great economy car, splurge for an upgrade to luxury, or get that 4×4 SUV or JEEP rental for your ski trip!

Find Cheap Car RentalsHave Insurance or Get it – You have to be covered. Sometimes your credit card provider will insure rental vehicles when their card is used as the security method of purchase. You can also get insurance through the car rental provider if needed. Check with your credit card provider and the car rental company for all available options.

compare-rental-car-prices-and-upgradeBarter at the counter – Sometimes you get a good deal on a car rental upgrade. If you are renting a car and it is economy of mid-size rental vehicle, chances are they will try to upgrade you. Even if not you can always ask. You never know, they may make you a deal on a car you have always wanted to drive. Most ski destinations will have SUVs and other options. Make sure you research your lodging’s road’s and parking to see what kind of vehicle you will need.

book-rental-car-online-economy-luxury-full-sizesBook Online – Are you kidding me? The prices at the counter are brutal compared to online deals. was designed to quickly sniff out the best deals on car rentals no matter what your destination may be!

compare-rental-car-prices-gps-includedUse your own navigation when possible – You can save money using your mobile phone, however, if you are traveling abroad bring or opt for the GPS unit at the car hire counter.

compare-rental-car-prices-gas-specialPlan Before Paying for Gas Up Front – Many trips you take have some uncertainty on how much you will need to drive. If the trip is less than 75 miles, pay for your own gas. If you know it will be more than that, we would suggest you opt for the fuel option with your car rental. You never know when you need to make haste back to the airport to get home and gas is usually 5x to 10x higher when you return a rental less the full indicator on the gauge. Check your routes and plan ahead to save money when you rent a car.

compare-rental-car-prices-credit-cardBring a Credit Card instead of Debit – You have to secure the car with a credit card of some type in most cases. Debit card banks may hold your deposit on the car longer causing budget issues on your trip. Plan ahead and use an accepted method by your rental car provider. This will get you in and out of the rental car line faster as well.

compare-rental-car-prices-and-rates-americaDriving in the United States