TripHound was created by a close group of friends sharing the common passions of travel and dogs! Specifically, we set out to build a successful business doing something we love while also finding a way to make a difference on our beautiful planet.

First and foremost, we “sniff out” the top travel deals currently being offered from the travel industry’s leading providers. After carefully digging them up we deliver them straight to your inbox for your traveling pleasure!

Then we put our noses to the ground in an effort to connect our savvy travel hounds with the latest and greatest travel blogs we can find. The content of these blogs will leave you “begging” to explore amazing places~ and with that we can help!

Most importantly, we are on a journey to save lives.The population of homeless animals in our world is a staggering statistic, simply heartbreaking. A percentage of our profits, time and energy goes towards making this number drop.

So whenever you book your travel through TripHound you can smile knowing you have made a difference just by doing something you love too!

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